Attention Dark Forces Members

RISK67 aClan Founder posted Jun 15, 14
We will be gearing up to start recruiting to fill our ranks here in the clan.  Here is a list of updates coming to the site. 

New ranks.
New Info Page.
New clan servers for Battlefield 3 (PS3)
New clan servers for Battlefield 4 (PS4)
Chat room page will be getting added and the chat on the homepage will be moved to that area. 
Gaming times will be set for weekends and Tuesday nights at 7pm they are not mandatory just come game with your fellow clan mates if your able. 
We are looking into creating a clan battle ladder in the future. 
We will be building live streaming pages for any member who wants their channel displayed.
All member who wish to take on a squad are welcome to.
GTA 5 members are welcome to start recruiting for their crews. 
We will be adding new themes for all the pages of the site. 
I will be holding Hunt Risk6.7 nights again. 

I would like any member of the admin to join me on battlefield 3 this weekend at 8pm to talk about changes to the site and ideas to get the clan moving forward again.